Top 10 Non Standard Auto Insurance Companies

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Commercial transportation insurance is a very large field. It actually encompasses many different business types, industry classifications, and even vehicle types, than most people originally imagine. Here you’ll find a quick overview of some of the main different forms of commercial auto insurance and how they affect you.

Why is it so important? Well, keep in mind that different vehicles carry different risks, which translate into different insurance requirements, as well as varying costs. The same applies to different industries and classifications.

The first way to consider commercial relocation is through the various forms of coverage that may apply. This includes standard auto insurance policies, and general liability coverage.

Other types of commercial transportation insurance coverage include non-truck liability, property or material damage insurance, worker company insurance, pollution coverage, inland marine insurance, equipment breakdown, property, trailer exchange, etc.

The next thing to consider is that different types of trucks or vehicles, and different industries, may also have very specific types of commercial transportation policies designed for them. Here, consider the varied needs of an 18 wheel refrigerated truck versus a waste carrier, a timber truck versus a tow truck, or a home hauler versus a construction truck, contractor, or pickup truck.

Taxi drivers, as well as buses and vans, and even ice cream trucks and food trucks, need commercial auto insurance. Some of the other common vehicle and business types to consider include non-emergency medical transportation, limousines, dump trucks, catering trucks, flatbed trucks, silos, pump trucks, cement trucks, garage trucks, and all the way from there. All of these different vehicles and industries have different commercial transportation risks, and therefore different policies and forms of coverage.

However, that’s just the beginning. Even if you have regular cars at your workplace, and may drive customers or deliver, you need commercial policies for these vehicles.

Moreover, all forms of commercial transportation and vehicles must be protected by the correct insurance policies. This includes trains, for example, with railroad liability coverage, along with ships and airplanes, and all water and aircraft routes.

Of course, if you think you and your business may need commercial transportation insurance, or that you could use a better policy or a better rate, be sure to consult a professional who has experience in your local area. Policies vary from state to state, so work with an insurance broker or advisor who knows your industry and your location.

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