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There is not much that you might encounter on the roads that could be as frightening as a traffic accident. Nobody ever expects it so that in and of itself is amazing, but if it’s a major traffic accident, one look at a bundled vehicle you were riding in just moments ago can be very discreet. That is why you often see such distress on the faces of those who have just had an accident. Even once the initial adrenaline generated by fear of injury subsides, the sensory burden on the accident victim does not end there. Then, he or she must work through the emotion generated by realizing that the chaos is just beginning. That’s when steering a little bit of what you have to do next is invaluable.

First things first – make sure no one is injured in any of the vehicles involved. Obviously, if anyone gets injured, call 9-1-1. Even if no one is injured, you will need to call law enforcement authorities to the scene. You need to make sure they are called up even in the slightest of accidents to make sure your insurance covers your claim, and no one can accuse you of leaving the place inappropriately.

Once they arrive, you can rest assured that you will have to speak with one or more police officers, therefore, before the police arrive, you should start weighing your words very carefully. When checking the occupants of any other vehicle, you want to ensure that you are not making any statements that could be construed as acknowledgment that you are responsible for the accident. This will be determined by the police officer upon arrival. As such, you also want to keep a close eye on what you say to the police officer when he arrives because you don’t want him to use anything you say to get you a traffic light.

Florida is an error-free state. This means that any damage to any of the vehicles is covered by the individual driver’s insurance company. Although this is the case, an officer can still write a traffic offense to you for any offense he thinks you may have committed that led to a traffic accident. When talking to an officer, less is more. Be brief and concise to ensure your description of the accident does not condemn you. It’s also a good idea to try not to be accusatory towards the other driver. Emotions run high when people get involved in a car accident and accusations can quickly escalate into a bad situation.

Once everyone has been checked and the police have been called, it is imperative that you move the vehicles that were involved to the side of the road. This prevents further accidents or injuries to yourself or others. Obviously, you don’t want to be far from the scene of the accident because you don’t want it to appear as if you are trying to “leave the scene of the accident”.

Make sure you always carry insurance information with you, and if you are involved in a traffic accident, be prepared to share your personal and insurance information with the other driver. You also need to make sure you get the name, phone number, address, and insurance information from the other driver, as well as the accident report number from the responding officer.

You should then contact your insurance company and provide them with the traffic accident details and the information you got from the other driver. The more information you can provide them, the faster they will be able to resolve your claim. Failure to inform them within a reasonable period of time may result in their refusal to cover the damages. An important point about insurance companies – the other party’s insurance company may contact you and ask for a statement about the events that occurred. They will record your statement hoping it will give them a reason not to pay the claim. It’s a really bad idea to agree to talk to the other person’s insurance company. This would be a great time to tell them that you are a good traffic ticket attorney and then give them our number.

Traffic accidents are usually costly, even when vehicles are covered by vehicle insurance. First of all, you are faced with paying the insurance deductible which is usually $ 250 or $ 500, but it could be $ 1000 or more depending on which insurance company insures the car and what type of coverage the driver chooses when choosing his or her insurance. Of course, these costs increase once you have a traffic accident because most insurance companies are quick to raise your insurance rates, usually by hundreds of dollars annually, if you file a car accident claim.

In addition to the cost of high insurance rates and having to deduct large amounts, there are other financial difficulties that can arise from experiencing a traffic accident. If your car has been damaged to the point that you cannot drive it and you do not have rental car coverage, you will likely miss some time off work. It might not be a big problem for a salary earner, but for hourly employees who don’t get vacation time or work time, it can seriously affect an individual’s salary, and when living from paycheck to paycheck, this can be devastating, especially for families.

The Florida Highway Patrol that responds to incidents primarily acts as event messengers, and in all likelihood, will issue you a traffic light, no matter who is wrong. So, of course, there are then the costs associated with getting the pass itself. These costs can vary depending on what is being cited for the driver. For example, many traffic accidents result from a failure to grant a right of way, to follow closely, or as is often the case, to speed. Any combination of these actions can be interpreted as “aggressive leadership”, and are considered influential offenses, and these offenses are punished with fines and court costs.

If you are one of those drivers who tend to take pride in the fact that you have never had an accident or have not had an accident in years, be wary. No matter how careful you are behind the wheel, sometimes it just takes a temporary lapse of judgment or attention for all of that to change. In addition, do not forget that you have no control over other drivers around you. Another person’s aggressive or reckless driving styles can quickly make their problem yours.

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