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You’re driving home from work after a busy day and you’re speeding down the road, and suddenly, another car pops out of nowhere right in front of you, so you brake, but it’s too late and your vehicles crash together. What now?

Step 1

Park. You don’t want to make the accident worse by leaving the area. Aside from being morally and morally wrong, leaving the scene is a crime.

Step 2

Make sure everyone is okay and that no one suffers an injury.

Step 3

Call the police. In Oregon, you are Must be Call the police if:

  • Damage to any vehicle exceeds $ 2,500.00 (these days, almost any damage would be higher than this limit);

  • Towing any vehicle from the scene of the accident;

  • Injury or death resulting from the accident; or,

  • Damage to property of anyone other than the vehicle involved in the accident amounts to more than $ 2,500.00.

Step 4

Exchange of information. You should share the following information:

  • Noun;

  • Title;

  • Telephone number;

  • Insurance company and policy number;

  • Driver’s license number;

  • His license plate number; And the

  • Make, model and color of the car.

If there are passengers in the car, you should get their names and contact information with them as well.

Step 5

Filming and documenting the accident. Use your cell phone’s camera to capture the overall scene of the accident from every aspect, the overall context of the accident, and the damage to each vehicle.

Step 6

If you are injured, you should go to the emergency room immediately if your injuries warrant this, or make an appointment with your primary care doctor or urgent care facility as soon as possible.

Step 7

Contact your insurance company. You will need to let them know what happened and if you and / or any of your passengers were injured in the accident. This will start the claims process and is likely to speed up the time it takes to start receiving any insurance benefits.

Step 8

Within 72 hours of any accident, you must file an Oregon Traffic Accident Report to the DMV. These forms must be submitted if any of the factors are met in Step 2. If you fail to file an accident report, DMV may suspend your license.

Keeping these steps in mind after a car accident will make the insurance claim aspect of your accident smoother and help hold all drivers accountable.

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