Is State Farm A Good Insurance Company

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According to State Farm Insurance, Pennsylvania is the state with the largest number of auto accidents and breakdowns. A survey by the insurance company shows that 1.5 million cars are involved in a collision with deer each year that causes 150 deaths and $ 1.1 billion in damage. Deer migrate and mate between October and December, when most accidents happen. The time it often occurs appears to be first thing in the morning and dusk. Since deer can weigh over 200 pounds, running with one of them can cause driver, passenger, deer deaths and thousands of dollars in damage to your vehicle.

Based on rankings for the total number of deer accident claims submitted to State Farm, the other states that rank highly for deer car accidents are Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, Minnesota, Virginia, Indiana, Texas and Wisconsin.

If you are driving in an area known to have deer, use a high beam to increase visibility, and slow down if you see deer standing on the side of the road. If you catch a deer, it may run directly in front of you. Use your horn and flash the lights so the deer are out of harm’s way. Also, if you see a single deer, there will likely be more in the area so drive with extreme caution. If you cannot avoid hitting, try not to swerve. It increases the chances of losing control of your vehicle. Mindful driving is the best way to avoid collisions with deer.

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