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I would like, for the benefit of those who are honestly trying, to give information about how to fight speeding tickets in the state of Georgia. The world is surrounded by crime and sometimes we may really need law enforcement to act on our behalf. However, if driving fast, unless you are endangering your life and others, it is not in your best interest for our community to receive a quote quickly. There are some exceptions to this rule; For example, if you are walking fast in a residential area where people are walking or racing through a school area when children try to cross the street. However, if you are on a large, wide highway at 3 am, with few or no other cars on the road, and you are traveling in the 2015 car of your choice, then it is easy, comfortable and safe to travel at 90 mph. Are you committing a heinous crime? Are you putting your life or someone else’s life in danger? I honestly believe that law enforcement should be used in an appropriate area and that this has sometimes been exploited to prey on the good citizens of the United States, leading to an unnecessary tax to feed the greedy bureaucrats in certain areas. So, to free our citizens from such rampant abuse by those in a place of “service and protection” but in reality they are only “taking and hurting” I want to inform those brave enough to stand against this injustice of the tools that I found to be useful in my goal of standing against such These abusive practices.

I want to give you back something, and I have enough courage to fight your case. My case timed out just as my eyes were opened to the knowledge I had discovered and headed for an ill-fated jury trial. So I finally got out and shoved it in. However, the speed and fine were reduced in a bargain with the prosecution. I also avoided reporting this to the insurance company and avoiding rating it as “super fast”. However, in the future, I have armed myself with this information so that if it happens again, I will be much more prepared and now my friend, you will be ready too!

Georgia is a very wrong place to get a speeding ticket. Many constellations know this. There’s something typical about speeding through an old country town with the Rosco Beaco train craving to get you, so he can take a little more money to feed the Boss Hog (that’s for all Dukes of Hazzard fans). But as comic as it is, the scenario is very real and a lot of people don’t laugh. Especially when you get to their bank account and they are worried about things like rent, food, clothes, etc. A typical ticket can cost over $ 200. This is for going 85 mph at 65 mph on a freeway (which drives 65 mph, if you do, please stay on the right). Many people pay this fine and say “Whew!” is over. Really? Not necessarily in Georgia.

In addition to points added to your license that can add up to comment (you don’t get anything extras for these points), if your insurance company gets a DMV report, they can raise an arbitrary price (you’re more of a risk now, right)? So it’s definitely not over after you push it, especially if you’re over 20 mph. This is where the new Super Speeder rule comes into effect.

What is a Super Spider? Are you the kind of super fast hero who has to fight slow villains? No, unless they are in the fast lane. The only villain you face right now is a new law. After you pay the fine and think all that was said and done, a few months might pass and then … WHAM! I hit you with another $ 200 fine from DDS (Drivers’ Services). This is pretty annoying and many extra-horoscope blogs are complaining about it because they comically thought they could just pay the fine and dance off whatever else. The Super Speeder is sneaky, hitting your wallet in the form of a bill from DDS several months later if it is found exceeding 20 mph. Most courts don’t even tell you this when you plead guilty or pay online with your credit card. If you don’t pay a fine for sneaky oil, you don’t want to drive legally. So, your ticket can be anywhere from $ 200 to $ 300, and after several months you get another $ 200 in the mail. Could anyone see their boss enjoying some Southern style good, greasy fried chicken plotting his next scheme with Roscoe?

so, what are you doing? simple. You have to fight speeding tickets. At least he negotiated with the prosecutor to reduce it to less than 20 mph. If not, then prepare. So let me see if I can remember some pointers about speeding violations in Georgia that might help you in your fight. These are some of the rules that can help you.

1. There should be a sign warning the officer to use a radar or laser gun.

That’s right, they couldn’t use it anywhere. I’m sure you saw them right, “Speed ​​is checked by speed monitors.” Officers also cannot use the device within 500 feet of the mark. If they are, then they are violating.

2. An officer cannot use the device over a certain slope or hill

This is how I was going to fight. Officer should be close to your level. This is to prevent the officer from hiding in secret and sniping you, and that brings up my third point.

3. The officer must be clearly visible.

What? This surprised many. The goal of a speed check is not to “catch” you but to slow you down in areas that are problematic or may cause an accident or dangerous. Most government agencies know that nobody goes to the speed limit but in certain places, traffic engineers have found a problem. This brings me to my next point.

4. There had to be a problem for the city, county, or entity to obtain permission to use radar or laser in that area.

If they do not obtain permission, their license to use the device may be in doubt. Which guest license them? Georgia Department of Public Safety. Information on problem areas can be found through the Freedom of Information Act.

5. The employee must have a POST license to use the radar or laser.

I wish I knew that. This makes officers Presence is essential. Most trials do not come and they do not want to. They usually have other things high on their priority list. However you have to make it into question.

The only exception to some of this is the Georgia State Patrol. They have a little more power and can ticket you anywhere and anyway, but luckily with this strength they also have a lot more discretion and compassion. There are other rules that apply to different areas as well. What you have to check is the Georgia Address 40 Speed ​​Overflow Symbols. This is where all of this stuff gets hidden. No one will ever tell you this, not even the attorney general sometimes.

I will also try not to waive the jury right so I can at least have some leverage in negotiating with the prosecution. As I said before, they lowered it and prevented me from reaching Super Speeder status. If you’ve known the information before, nothing could happen. Also try to present these things in a written request to the clerk before the court date. This way, the judge is prepared for your appearance and may set a date for the evidence trial hearing. Hope this helps you guys, slow down

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